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Thirty Years of Experience Representing Local Governments

At Timothy J. Sloan, P.A., we have over thirty years of experience representing local governments, agencies, and other public bodies. If your public entity is seeking new legal counsel, please contact us so that we may demonstrate our knowledge and experience in government law and explain how we can offer some of the most competitive rates in North Florida.  Whether your public body is making a dramatic policy change or simply has questions about public records requests, we are here to make things easy for you!

We offer representation in virtually every area of government law, but some issues we handle on a regular basis include:

  • General counseling for governmental entities
  • Drafting and approval of ordinances, resolutions, and policies
  • Creation and enforcement of land development regulations and zoning
  • Supervision of public meetings, hearings, and workshops
  • Determining the limitations of a government’s authority (including questions of constitutionality and due process)
  • Ensuring state and federal law compliance
  • Building codes and permitting
  • Code violation enforcement and prosecution
  • Guidance for public services and their employees (i.e., police, fire dept., trash collection, etc.)
  • Liens and foreclosure of properties
  • Ad valorem and non-ad valorem taxes and collections
  • Agreements with other governmental entities
  • Agreements with service-providers, vendors, and other third-parties
  • Public bidding procedures and contract awards
  • Utility agreements, policies, fees, and collections
  • Annexations and condemnations
  • Creating Community Redevelopment Areas and establishing funding
  • Obtaining, securing, and implementing public bonds
  • Conducting elections and resolving election disputes
  • Charter amendments and referendums
  • Eminent domain
  • Employment law concerns and disputes
  • Sovereign immunity
  • Environmental laws and permitting
  • Ethical considerations for officials and employees
  • Training of officials and employees
  • Financial affairs and compliance
  • Open meeting and records laws compliance
  • Litigation, mediation, and arbitration

We work with public boards, managers, and other employees to ensure that our public clients are complying with the law, making prudent decisions, and avoiding unnecessary liability.

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